Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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My iPhone is in the same WiFi network as my computer. Will it sync photos in automatic mode?
No. We can't hold the application running in background mode forever, because of iOS restrictions. In the future version we will add local notifications about the possibility of photo sync, so you'll be able to transfer photos ASAP.
Can your app delete photos, that successfully transferred to my computer, from my Camera Roll?
No. No apps allowed to delete photos from Camera Roll. You'll have to do it yourself.
Can I set a separate folder on my computer for photos received from different iDevices?
This possibility will be added in future versions. For the moment, you can change the folder for synced photos from your desktop client Settings. Also, MS Windows client will sort received photos in the selected Photos folder by separate subfolders, named as your iDevices.
I see my computer in the list of devices, but I can't send photos to it.
Please, check that the desktop client of Sync Photos to Storage is up and running on this computer. We recommend you to enable the 'Run on startup' option in the client's Settings.
I set a folder for my photos during the installation. How to change it now?
Open the client's Settings by clicking the 'gear' icon in the upper right corner of the app's window. In the opened window click 'Select new folder' to set a new folder for syncing photos. Note, that not all Camera Roll content, but only new photos and videos will be saved to the new folder.
When I click on the app's icon and the drop down menu says "Open Photos Folder" I get the error message that "the application can not be found.
You can open your 'Photos' folder from the app right after the first successful photos sync.
I saved a video file from my iPhone to my Windows computer, but can't open it! Why?
iPhone and iPad create video files using H.264 codec for video and AAC for audio. Please, ensure that corresponding codecs are installed on your computer, if you want to view saved files on it.

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