Sync Photos to storage is a simple way to get your photos onto your Mac.

Sync Photos to Storage (free with an in-app purchase option) makes moving your photos to your desktop computer effortless and automatic.
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By Mel Martin. Nov 28th 2013

Sync Photos To Storage Gives You One Tap iOS Photo Backup

Backing up to cloud services is extremely convenient, but what happens when you no longer want to pay for the storage, or would rather hang on to your digital memories on your own computer? Sure, you can connect to your Mac with a cable, but then you’ve got to do the hard work of figuring out which photos you’ve already backed up.
Sync Photos To Storage, a new app from developer KeepSolid, aims to make this process much, much easier.
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By Rob LeFebvre Dec 12th, 2013

Sync Photos to Storage

Sync Photos to Storage allows you to browse and save new content from Camera Roll to the selected computers or Dropbox.
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By Mac Informer Jul 27th 2014